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Risking Everything

Bartlett Medal Recipient
2020 AJ Sustainability Award - Winner

Over the next 10 years, Sweden’s standing timber volume is set to increase by over 500 million cubic metres; a result of its long-standing forestry act that states an obligation to replant forest after felling. However, a closer look reveals a troubling truth: 81.6% of a tree is typically wasted in the atypical conversion of tree to timber. In light of climate change, the One Tree Manual advocates that growing timber demand should not be met through increased and widespread logging activity, but rather by maximising the potential of every local tree allotted as material resource.


A timber institute is proposed in suburban Stockholm, strategically located as an extension of a forested area that is unprotected against urban logging restrictions. Its architecture critically revisits timber construction through the lens of a single tree, as a simultaneously abundant yet sacred resource. A tailored architecture is derived off the specific parameters of properties, materiality and cycles of a local Pine tree, to tactically re-choreograph the processes of treating and utilizing the tree as an architectural element; both living and processed. Overall, suggesting an architecture to inspire a paradigm shift in attitudes and methodology towards the employment of timber and trees in architecture.

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