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Oliver Zhu



Project 2 is based on the proposals for an urban planning and broadcasting centre

for the City of Hangzhou. Situated on the Su Causeway on the West Lake, the broadcasting

centre is designed to have the ability to alter the backdrop of the main recording studios to create virtual scenarios that speculate about the Past and Future of the City and

its natural surroundings. Hangzhou is one of China’s seven ancient capitals and its history can be traced back over 2,200 years. Famous for its natural scenery, it flourished after being linked with

the Grand Canal, which starts in Beijing and ends in Hangzhou. At the same time. Hangzhou

hosted G20 summit in 2016, has been developed to become one of the major Chinese cities at the centre of a prospering urban region in Zhejiang province. 


These phenomena raise conflicting views within the city of Hangzhou. How do we choose between the value of nature and history to the city, and, the value of urbanisation to humanity. This project aims to achieve a balance between these value which is within the specific context of Hangzhou. Considered the value of nature and urbanisation equally, the building aims to construct a dialogue between Hangzhou’s nature and city O.Z.

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