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Risking Everything

What does it mean to be wild? What is meant when 'wild natures' are spoken about, and what is it being compared to?


The project aims to address what it means to become rewilded. 'Rewilding' is a process that is becoming more popular in Western ecology; it is a process that moves towards pointing nature 'in the right direction' and allows for natural process to take place. Nature is no longer governed so closely, but an artificial nature that is still embedded closely with what is deemed to be natural.


The project then moves on to what can be taken from this rewilding process and incorporated into the human, in a way that realigns the body and the psyche. In this way these rewilded spaces hope to produce a new feral nature in the human. Through the production of a rewilding device, this project takes the idea of reconstituting what it means to perform as a human and subverting this to produce new feral beings that inhabit a building. The building itself becomes feral by producing and nurturing its own probiotic microbiome which then interacts with and adapts alongside the occupants as they become rewilded.

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